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That moment in time

It's amazing how much difference a single moment in time can make to your whole life. Last year, I was out shopping with my grandkids, and I slipped. I went from being a funny and active grandmother who could chase them around the backyard to being a sore and cranky old lady with a bad back. I got really down for a while, but then my daughter helped me to find a personal injury lawyer to help me get some compensation. It's got me able to get back on track, and I'm really grateful to my lawyer. This blog is about my journey through my injury and legal issues.


Can You Put in a Claim for Compensation If You’re Knocked off Your Bike?

When it comes to cycling, Australia has some of the best places to ride. However, cyclists need to be vigilant while cycling on busy roads, as cycling accidents have been on the rise for years now. If you were knocked off your bike, you might be wondering if you can seek compensation for your damages. So, what do you need to know about claiming compensation if you're unfortunate enough to find yourself in this position? Read More