That moment in time

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That moment in time

It's amazing how much difference a single moment in time can make to your whole life. Last year, I was out shopping with my grandkids, and I slipped. I went from being a funny and active grandmother who could chase them around the backyard to being a sore and cranky old lady with a bad back. I got really down for a while, but then my daughter helped me to find a personal injury lawyer to help me get some compensation. It's got me able to get back on track, and I'm really grateful to my lawyer. This blog is about my journey through my injury and legal issues.



Common Myths About Personal Injury Cases

When you suffer financially, physically, or emotionally due to an accident, you may want to make a personal injury claim. With the right lawyer on your side, you stand a stronger chance of success. Before you go ahead with your claim, you may want to understand more about some of the common myths surrounding personal injury cases. Myth: Claims Are Quick As with any legal process, personal injury claims aren't quick. Read More